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                                                                       PRD-Blast ™

Pacific Roller Die Company, Inc., world leader of large diameter pipe manufacturing technology, has the additional product line of PRD-Blast ™ internal pipe blasting and coating systems. The self-propelled rotary stripping system is engineered to rapidly clean pipe interior surfaces down to the white metal without requiring personnel to enter the pipe.

"Like a white tornado in a pipe, PRD-Blast ™ cleans pipe easier, faster, and more economically than any blast-pot operation," said Daniel D. Freitas, PRD Manufacturing Manager. "The system lowers labor and equipment costs as much as 75%, saves time with 360 degree rotary blasting, reduces hazards with remote controlled operation and eliminates human error commonly found with hand blasting."

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-Tubacero first pipe formed and weld in July 31st.

-ARI Jacket Mill installation in progress.

-FRS 1000 series PRD SWP Mill available in 10 months.

-Mobile SWP Mill, 8 to 36 Inch in Diameter, available for immediate delivery.